Friday, September 4, 2009

Gotta get better at this!

Petey has been coming along wonderfully. Nailing his leads, working on slowing his jog, and soon the lope. He's still responding a bit better to neck reining then direct reining, but I'm ok with that now. Also getting good at pivots, which is partially due to his getting better at showmanship!

Chubbs is doing better in rowel spurs then ball I found. The rowel really make him respond and lift, where the ball he doesn't care if you keep it on him all the time. Still trying to find the right shanked snaffle to try him in, hopefully that will help with the "lag" in neck reining we've been having.

Next show will be Chubbs going again on September 12th!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Long time no update!

July was a fun month. First I cut my ankle and was laid up for a week, then Petey got a cut on his hock, that swelled up, but he still stayed sound on. Along that time I caught a nasty cold, and now here in August we are just starting to get back on track!

Being a hot rainy weekend, and the luck I've been having with my truck, I decided I WASN'T going to get ready for the Sunday Farmington show, and in the morning see how things go.

My truck made it to the barn, yeah! Then it hooked up fine to the trailer and the blinkers worked (but I don't think my headlight lights worked, and have no clue about the brake lights) hauled the trailer to the front of the barn. I hadn't clipped, bathed or even ridden Chubbs the night before, but loaded him up, and decided to see what happened.

We made it to the fair grounds (yeah!) and he was quiet as a mouse. Stood great. It was a quick moving show (which I liked) so we only rode for the 2 classes before ours. Our first upset came when a loud paint pony went trotting by (my lord did that freak us out) but he didn't nicker, squeal, or attempt to kick any other horses. Did find out I don't have a hole punch in the trailer, and my show headstall is too small for his head!

Our class was our first time in the ring, announcer, stands, bystanders no phasing, but we were VERY looky. We only sped up when passed twice, both times at the jog. Moved well on and off the rail, but our backing needs work, along with headset if we are getting picky. Didn't place, but didn't expect too.

I only stayed for one class as making it to the show was half the headache, so I wanted a head start before others from my barn started driving home, just in case. We made it home fine though!

So all in all I'm a happy camper. For our first show, and his first show in 8+ years, I don't think I could of asked for too much more with out pushing my luck! Not sure if we are going to take off work for the show there this Friday, but providing my truck is still on my side, we are definitely going to go on Sunday.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Another good day!

Petey is REALLY getting his leads now. Couldn' t be happier!

HE also must of kicked Chubbs in the chest, as he's got a large swollen spot, so he's on light duty till then. I'll still be riding him, but only at the walk/jog, and more for "clicking" then training.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

2 Days in one post!

With the hot weather I HAVE to get up early if I'm going to ride. Not so easy if the BF is keeping you up till midnight!

Wed I got up a little early so only had time to ride one. I chose Chubbs due to the time restraints and not wanting to end Petey on a bad note if I didn't have the time. It worked out well though, we were able to ride during a lesson, while a mare in heat was being longed. He rode past the gelding fine, no indication he was going to give any kind of problem. The mare he was curious about, but then flattened his ears when she went ripping past. If that was all he was going to do I was happy.

Today I rode him again, while the same mare was riding, and he was fine. If she went past him he didn't care. He did loose some focus though, so we are going to have to keep working on that cue.

Petey was fabulous. I swear I like this horse more and more each ride. I hadn't done a thing with him in quite a while, not even run around turnout, so I was a little worried how he'd be. But I didn't longe, hopped on, and no problems! He was a little forward, he would start trotting, took the wrong lead, was brought back down, and then TOOK THE RIGHT LEAD! I was SO happy. we then went back to a walk, and I signaled for the trot, and then the lope, got the wrong lead, and he on his own, picked up the correct one.

I'll tell you this guy has an AMAZING lope. Its deep, and you just lightly rock in the saddle. No fussing with him to do it, that's just his groove.

Needless to say I was a very happy rider today!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Darn the hot weather!

With the heat and humidity we've been having I'll admit I've been lazy. I've been giving them time to play in the outdoor but not riding this past week. I DID hop on today.

Rode Chubbs in the indoor, same ole, same ole packer. Little lookie at the doorway, but we are working on that.

Rode Petey in the indoor as well. There was lots of farming going on outside, and since I wasn't longing, I figured indoor would be a little less temptation to be naughty. He's going into the lope transitions are getting MUCH faster. His right lead is still taking quite a while, but hopefully we found a cure for that. Tomorrows riding will tell!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The week is off to a good start!

Tuesday and Wednesday the guys got to go play in the outdoor, they rolled in the wet sand and ran around to "get out the weather".

Wednesday after our turnout session, I hopped on Petey in the indoor. I figure by now he's probably had a "good" 30 days on him, and I can't think of many horses with that small amount of riding that would be able to be ridden without longing. He's trot to lope cue response is getting faster and faster, and he's getting less obnoxious about veering into other horses.

Today both were ridden outside, without longing, and without turnout time before hand. Chubbs is moving great, and at this point he's riding is all about getting in sync with commands. Petey had a hard time with this right lead, but once he got the leads he moved out nicely, and didn't break down a gait as quickly.

Definitely one of those rides you can only smile about!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Very good day!

Rode Petey in the round pen. Lazy stinker is prefering to long trot then lope, but he does FINALLY go in it. Lots of repetition will get him over this, and my thighs get a work out in the mean time!

Chubbs went into a correction bit today. We've been working on his spur stop, so I wanted a bit that would level his head out, but also not need a ton of contact so I could use mostly my spurs. WOW is all I can say about the ride. Short of needing to work on focus (not on the grass type) he was collected, soft, picture perfect and a FUN ride. Next step is riding him around other horses!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Outside riding for all!

Petey was worked in the round pen, without longing today for the first time in a while. He spooked at a few things, but they were jump a step spooks that were pretty darn good! His turning is improving, and we loped around a little bit to remind him of that gait :P

Chubbs went in the outdoor and was better about thinking about rolling, and trying to graze. He got a little full of himself watching the pony riding session in the neighboring round pen, but for fresh and in no way over worked or tired, I was happy. Ideally though I am going to start working on less rounding his neck, and more breaking at the poll.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Double ride!

Even though Chubbs was only rode on Thursday without longing, today was too nice to pass up! So we saddled up, didn't longe, and rode outside. Now being a fancy stud all his life I wasn't sure if he'd been ridden outside ever. Well he rode fine. Got a little full of himself every now and then when the pasture horses watched on, but turkeys and ponies calling didn't bother him, the grass did tempt him, and he only seriously considered rolling. No attempts though :P

Petey was longed and ridden yesterday, so I hoped on him today without longing and simply walked and trotted around. He was a little full of himself, nice rounded back, and started trotting on his own, but for a 20 some ride 4 year old, I still say that is pretty good! Oh and we even rode over a tarp with no problems :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Both back in training!

The trainer has been riding Petey 3x a week last week, and again this week. I didn't ride last week as to not confuse him, but after the 3 times this week I'll continue riding him. Hopefully we'll have a riding video done tomorrow.

I have been riding Chubbs though. Just a few times a week, both for fitness and to get in synch with each other as far as cues. So far he is doing fabulous! Very smart, and quick to pick up!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rode and Riding

Saturday after 2 weeks of very non-existant working, I longed both boys and rode them both.

Chubbs and I have MUCH fine tuning to do! Hope to start being more consistent with him!

Petey was great for how little longing he needed! Today Petey actually started part time training to make sure he was getting the saddle time he needed. It will just be 3 x a week, for a month, but after this week I'll probably start riding him 2x a week myself, for a full weeks worth of riding.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Got to get some of that spring fever out!

So since this has become my catch up on housework weekend, the boys have just been getting out to run for "training" time. I just figure its better on there joints then longing :P

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Time to get back to work!

So after 2 weeks off work, and a day inside due to the weather, today was a longing day.

You could tell Petey wasn't used to this much indoor time, and he was full of himself on the longe line. Then we did some showmanship and he's getting quicker to learn. Squaring up will be the hardest part for him as its SO tedious!

Chubbs did a couple laps and was ready to be done. Showmanship was improving on his pivoting, hard to tell if he's starting to get it or not.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Training with the Expo going on?!


Last weekend the 2 boys got off of working, because they were turned out together! Yippee!

Other great news is Walle has a great new home where he is going to be a trail mount! It sounds like a great place for a great horse!

This weekend I've been gone all day everyday since Thursday until Sunday. So again no training. But I'm ready and restless to start up again on Wednesday!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Oops, I got behind, but with good reason!

Wedneday I had a trainer at the barn take Walle out on a trail ride, to see what he knows, but so she can also tell who would be able to handle him (I'm getting chicken in my aging!) Walle did WONDERFUL. He didn't spook once, she took him out with another horse and alone. If he was unsure of something he looked, didn't spook and run, buck, or anything.

Then I tacked up Petey and had good progress with him. He's getting much more responsive to the bit, and was fine out side for his first ride.

Thursday I had a lady come out to look at Walle for her family. He rode great for me, fine for her, so he left Friday for a week long trial to make sure he will work at her place with her children. Starting Saturday it'll just be training Chubbs and Petey for a while!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Petey & Walle

Petey & Walle-

Petey had side reins put on, and was left in the arena, while I rode Walle. Needless to say the reins didn't hold him back in the least (and not just cause they were loose :P) By the end of Walle's ride he was trotting and loping to keep up and cut off in some instances! Worked out well for Walle, as he got used to annoying, consistent pester while riding! Talk about having to focus!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Petey & Walle


Hopped on with no longing. Nice walk/jog/lope to the left, really progressing at the lope.
Going to the left, his lope needs MUCH work. Not as far along there.


Also hopped on Petey with no longing! But with 3 other riders in the ring it was still a great ride. We are still working on the giving to the bit!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Catch Up post!

Saturday all three of the guys got longed outside. Got a lot of cooped up energy out!

Wednesday I turned Walle & Petey out in the round pen, which Chubbs was in the stud pen. Chubbs seems to be coming along with the idea he is no longer a stud. Next step is the stud and Petey in the round pen, with Walle in the stud pen.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chubbs, Petey, & Walle


A good question came up today of when I'm going to start riding Chubbs again after his gelding. I had thought about hopping on him with an English saddle, and long trotting for the 15 minutes I have been longing in the afternoons. The past couple days though with the cold spells, he has been a tad "off" every now and then though. So I've decided to wait until after I get some joint supplements, and then start riding him again. After longing we did a little showmanship, and while he has squaring down pat, his attention time is SHORT, something to work on for sure.


I was considering riding him without longing today, but with another horse riding at the same time as I would be, I decided against it. Needless to say, when I did get on he stood great for having a distraction in the ring. We started walking, and then the ADD kicked in. He thought it would be a great idea to trot since that would get him to the other horse FASTER! Well unfortunately he had to keep trotting right on past that guy, and he sure learned quick that wasn't one of his better ideas. We did get in a little bit of a turning fight, but it only showed me that his headstall was too loose, and hopefully that will be fixed for the next time we ride. I was VERY happy though when the other horse in the ring had an episode. As soon as he saw the trouble starting, he stopped and stood and just watched from afar. No young horse tantrums or freaking out. A good ride in all.


It has dawned on me that Walle maybe finished before Chubbs is. His spur stop/lope confusions are getting less and less. He is still having the shoulder issue, which I have to remember to research tonight. Today I put the spurs on to lift him and drop his head at the lope. When I stopped he was starting to respond to it, which is progress pure and simple!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Petey & Walle


I think I'm up to my 10th ride on Petey. Since I hadn't worked him since last Friday, I was expecting to have a little "fun". I made Petey and Walle run a little in turnout while I cleaned stalls, and then did a few minutes longing prior to riding. Today was the first day I really notice him starting to slow down on the longe line. He was very interested to see the horse riding in action with him on the longe line. I hopped on and had a convo while talking with the other rider. She left right as we started our ride. This was the second ride with a snaffle, and not the side pull and he's really starting to get it. This lope departures are still a little bit of a leap, but if that's all he's got, I'm happy!


Walle got a long workout last week. He rode Wed, Friday, and Saturday! So today I hopped on with only the turnout time running, no longing. There was one other horse in the ring, and our first time in a Myler, not a snaffle. I must say I'm really starting to like this guy. He's spur stop is really coming along. He went right from a walk into a nice jog. He's stilling having issues confusing a back lifting/head dropping cue with the lope, but its getting less and less. Also he still likes to go with his shoulder farther off the rail then his hip. We had our first ride working on slowing and collecting the lope, which again went much better then imagined. I have no doubt he can be ready to show by spring!

My New Training Blog!

I decided to start a blog tracking the training of the prospects in the barn. Its so nice to have a good day on your horse, and not remember it!

My goal is to find potential western pleasure horse, train them, and sell them to homes where they are truly enjoyed. I like going from a "hag" to a show horse. Something about taking that backyard pony and showing them the pampered lifestyle of a show horse that just makes me grin. That's not to say every horse I buy is a hag or back yard horse. It just says that when I see the horse I see potential and not how it looks or behaves that day. Just its mind and movement.

I also figured this would be a good place to send new owners, and potential new owners, to see how there horse developed and learned there new skill. We'll see I guess!