Saturday, May 23, 2009

Double ride!

Even though Chubbs was only rode on Thursday without longing, today was too nice to pass up! So we saddled up, didn't longe, and rode outside. Now being a fancy stud all his life I wasn't sure if he'd been ridden outside ever. Well he rode fine. Got a little full of himself every now and then when the pasture horses watched on, but turkeys and ponies calling didn't bother him, the grass did tempt him, and he only seriously considered rolling. No attempts though :P

Petey was longed and ridden yesterday, so I hoped on him today without longing and simply walked and trotted around. He was a little full of himself, nice rounded back, and started trotting on his own, but for a 20 some ride 4 year old, I still say that is pretty good! Oh and we even rode over a tarp with no problems :)

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