Sunday, August 9, 2009

Long time no update!

July was a fun month. First I cut my ankle and was laid up for a week, then Petey got a cut on his hock, that swelled up, but he still stayed sound on. Along that time I caught a nasty cold, and now here in August we are just starting to get back on track!

Being a hot rainy weekend, and the luck I've been having with my truck, I decided I WASN'T going to get ready for the Sunday Farmington show, and in the morning see how things go.

My truck made it to the barn, yeah! Then it hooked up fine to the trailer and the blinkers worked (but I don't think my headlight lights worked, and have no clue about the brake lights) hauled the trailer to the front of the barn. I hadn't clipped, bathed or even ridden Chubbs the night before, but loaded him up, and decided to see what happened.

We made it to the fair grounds (yeah!) and he was quiet as a mouse. Stood great. It was a quick moving show (which I liked) so we only rode for the 2 classes before ours. Our first upset came when a loud paint pony went trotting by (my lord did that freak us out) but he didn't nicker, squeal, or attempt to kick any other horses. Did find out I don't have a hole punch in the trailer, and my show headstall is too small for his head!

Our class was our first time in the ring, announcer, stands, bystanders no phasing, but we were VERY looky. We only sped up when passed twice, both times at the jog. Moved well on and off the rail, but our backing needs work, along with headset if we are getting picky. Didn't place, but didn't expect too.

I only stayed for one class as making it to the show was half the headache, so I wanted a head start before others from my barn started driving home, just in case. We made it home fine though!

So all in all I'm a happy camper. For our first show, and his first show in 8+ years, I don't think I could of asked for too much more with out pushing my luck! Not sure if we are going to take off work for the show there this Friday, but providing my truck is still on my side, we are definitely going to go on Sunday.