Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chubbs, Petey, & Walle


A good question came up today of when I'm going to start riding Chubbs again after his gelding. I had thought about hopping on him with an English saddle, and long trotting for the 15 minutes I have been longing in the afternoons. The past couple days though with the cold spells, he has been a tad "off" every now and then though. So I've decided to wait until after I get some joint supplements, and then start riding him again. After longing we did a little showmanship, and while he has squaring down pat, his attention time is SHORT, something to work on for sure.


I was considering riding him without longing today, but with another horse riding at the same time as I would be, I decided against it. Needless to say, when I did get on he stood great for having a distraction in the ring. We started walking, and then the ADD kicked in. He thought it would be a great idea to trot since that would get him to the other horse FASTER! Well unfortunately he had to keep trotting right on past that guy, and he sure learned quick that wasn't one of his better ideas. We did get in a little bit of a turning fight, but it only showed me that his headstall was too loose, and hopefully that will be fixed for the next time we ride. I was VERY happy though when the other horse in the ring had an episode. As soon as he saw the trouble starting, he stopped and stood and just watched from afar. No young horse tantrums or freaking out. A good ride in all.


It has dawned on me that Walle maybe finished before Chubbs is. His spur stop/lope confusions are getting less and less. He is still having the shoulder issue, which I have to remember to research tonight. Today I put the spurs on to lift him and drop his head at the lope. When I stopped he was starting to respond to it, which is progress pure and simple!

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