Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My New Training Blog!

I decided to start a blog tracking the training of the prospects in the barn. Its so nice to have a good day on your horse, and not remember it!

My goal is to find potential western pleasure horse, train them, and sell them to homes where they are truly enjoyed. I like going from a "hag" to a show horse. Something about taking that backyard pony and showing them the pampered lifestyle of a show horse that just makes me grin. That's not to say every horse I buy is a hag or back yard horse. It just says that when I see the horse I see potential and not how it looks or behaves that day. Just its mind and movement.

I also figured this would be a good place to send new owners, and potential new owners, to see how there horse developed and learned there new skill. We'll see I guess!


  1. Good luck with the horses. Blogging can become a lifestyle!