Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Petey & Walle


I think I'm up to my 10th ride on Petey. Since I hadn't worked him since last Friday, I was expecting to have a little "fun". I made Petey and Walle run a little in turnout while I cleaned stalls, and then did a few minutes longing prior to riding. Today was the first day I really notice him starting to slow down on the longe line. He was very interested to see the horse riding in action with him on the longe line. I hopped on and had a convo while talking with the other rider. She left right as we started our ride. This was the second ride with a snaffle, and not the side pull and he's really starting to get it. This lope departures are still a little bit of a leap, but if that's all he's got, I'm happy!


Walle got a long workout last week. He rode Wed, Friday, and Saturday! So today I hopped on with only the turnout time running, no longing. There was one other horse in the ring, and our first time in a Myler, not a snaffle. I must say I'm really starting to like this guy. He's spur stop is really coming along. He went right from a walk into a nice jog. He's stilling having issues confusing a back lifting/head dropping cue with the lope, but its getting less and less. Also he still likes to go with his shoulder farther off the rail then his hip. We had our first ride working on slowing and collecting the lope, which again went much better then imagined. I have no doubt he can be ready to show by spring!

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