Friday, April 17, 2009

Oops, I got behind, but with good reason!

Wedneday I had a trainer at the barn take Walle out on a trail ride, to see what he knows, but so she can also tell who would be able to handle him (I'm getting chicken in my aging!) Walle did WONDERFUL. He didn't spook once, she took him out with another horse and alone. If he was unsure of something he looked, didn't spook and run, buck, or anything.

Then I tacked up Petey and had good progress with him. He's getting much more responsive to the bit, and was fine out side for his first ride.

Thursday I had a lady come out to look at Walle for her family. He rode great for me, fine for her, so he left Friday for a week long trial to make sure he will work at her place with her children. Starting Saturday it'll just be training Chubbs and Petey for a while!

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