Thursday, June 11, 2009

The week is off to a good start!

Tuesday and Wednesday the guys got to go play in the outdoor, they rolled in the wet sand and ran around to "get out the weather".

Wednesday after our turnout session, I hopped on Petey in the indoor. I figure by now he's probably had a "good" 30 days on him, and I can't think of many horses with that small amount of riding that would be able to be ridden without longing. He's trot to lope cue response is getting faster and faster, and he's getting less obnoxious about veering into other horses.

Today both were ridden outside, without longing, and without turnout time before hand. Chubbs is moving great, and at this point he's riding is all about getting in sync with commands. Petey had a hard time with this right lead, but once he got the leads he moved out nicely, and didn't break down a gait as quickly.

Definitely one of those rides you can only smile about!

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